Top 9 Best Places to Live in Utah

When looking for the best places to live in Utah, making the decision could be difficult. But you don’t have to think much because I am here to solve your problem with the nine best cities you can choose to live in Utah.

In this Travel Guide, I’ll be covering the nine best places to live in Utah. I have collected these names after thorough research.

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Smithfield is the first city on today’s list.

This city ranks among the top nine best places to live in Utah because of many reasons.

Smithfield is a land of over 12,500 people and is located in the north of Logan.

The city is home to natural beauty, which is why nature lovers prefer living in Smithfield.

Tourists love driving through the Logan Canyon Drive as it makes people enjoy the natural beauty at its best.

It is perhaps an affordable option that makes it easy for you to survive if you have a low income.

The median home price here is around $360,000.

With all this, Smithfield becomes a balanced choice for people who want to enjoy a comfortable life at an affordable price.

North Logan

The city of North Logan lies on the northeastern side of Logan central.

The city attracts people who are looking for a place with affordable monthly rents.

The monthly rental cost for a home in North Logan is less than $900, which is cheaper than the national average.

The city is home to people who love to stay united and are caring. Isn’t it what you want?

North Logan is home to over 11,400 people, making it a place to enjoy your life with your family.

The people living here have strong faith as they have the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The city doesn’t offer high-paid jobs, but the salaries of its people are enough to enjoy their life with ease.

If you want to buy a house in North Logan, you can buy one for around $407,000. Compare it to other cities in Utah, and you’ll notice that it is pretty affordable.


Price is another beautiful city that lies in the Central Carbon Country.

The city is home to people belonging to diverse cultures.

It means you don’t have to think about your culture, as Price will warmly welcome you to live and settle here.

The city is also unmatchable when it comes to natural beauty and historic sceneries.
Price is home to less than 21,000 people, but you’ll see people of different ages in the city.

It offers a perfect environment for starting a business or raising a family.

Living in Price will also not put any extra burden on your wallet as it offers affordable home prices and rents.

According to my research, you can live here at a rental cost of less than $700 per month.

It is also the center of the Utah State University Eastern and the Castleview Hospital.


If you are single and don’t have a plan to marry for the next couple of years, you can consider living in Roy in Utah.

It is perhaps the largest city in Utah so far on the list. Over 40,000 people are living in the city.

The city offers countless activities you can do in your free time.

Yes, if you are a citizen of Roy, you’ll never feel bored when you are alone on your holiday.

Unlike other cities in Utah, Roy doesn’t have many luxurious families living in the city.

It is home to people who enjoy a medium monthly income, which is actually enough to fulfill their expenses.

It offers an affordable rental cost. However, if you like to own a personal home, you can buy one for around $337,000.

If you think this city suits your budget and living style, you better not think much about making the decision.


Kaysville ranks among the most popular areas to live in Utah; yes, you heard me right.

It is because the city offers some exceptional features that only its citizens can enjoy. It is a suburb of Salt Lake City.

It will not be wrong when I say that Kaysville is one of the best cities to grow as a student and as a businessman.

It offers an excellent schooling system with low crime rates and comfortable living situations.

The population of Kaysville is over 33,100, which makes it a less crowded city.

Moving on to the living costs, you can easily find a home with a rental cost of around $800.

The city is still in its developing stage, bringing out more business opportunities for people in the field of property dealings.

You can take the advantage as there is a high chance you get an enlarged house at an affordable price.


I just love living in small cities with a few thousand people living around me. And I can feel that most of you might have the same thinking as me.

I call it one of the best and most affordable cities because of many reasons.

It is home to only over 5,400 people, making it a more peaceful city than many other cities in Utah.

When talking about the average rental cost for homes in Sunset, it is less than $900 only.

You’ll be surprised to hear that this amount is nearly half of the average rent in the cities of Utah.

By the start of 2021, the city had homes for sale at an unbelievable price tag of $166,700.

You can expect the home prices to be a bit more than this price by today.

Sunset doesn’t charge a heavy amount in terms of the mortgage from its residents.

If you want to generate and save millions of dollars, you better decide to go to Sunset in Utah.

Fruit Heights

Are you a fruit lover? Then don’t consider that the city has something exceptional for you because of its name! Fruit Heights is a beautiful city in Utah where families love to stay.

It offers a balanced atmosphere where people can enjoy their lives while not putting much burden on their wallets.

Fruit Height is a suburb of Salt Lake City, which is why it provides a beautiful location to its residents.

The population of the city is slightly over 6,200. You’ll be surprised to know that unlike other cities in Utah, or even in the entire world, the population of this city slightly decreases every year.

I wonder how this is possible when families mostly prefer living here.

Anyways, the city has a quality schooling system. Despite having such a low population, Fruit Heights has ten schools that provide quality education.

From education to the living cost, everything here is pretty much affordable for almost everyone.

Washington Terrace

The list of the best places to live in Utah is incomplete without Washington Terrace.

It ranks number two in my list because of its location, public school system, affordable prices, and outdoor activities in the water.

The city is close to the Ogden area, allowing you to take part in healthy outdoor activities like hiking and enjoying a 200-feet high waterfall.

Over 9,400 people are living in the city. People here enjoy a reasonable house income of around $64,000. And what makes it even more interesting is that you can live in Washington Terrace at a median house rent of over $820.

It means you don’t have to spend much when you are living in Washington Terrace.
In the end, I’ll appreciate the public schools that spend around $7,500 per student.

Price City

Before talking about this city, I want to tell you that Park City is an expensive city to live in Utah. However, there are some reasons why it stands in the number one spot on my list.

It has a population of over 8,500 people, which is almost identical to the past two or three years.

As the name indicates, there are plenty of parks including the best ski resorts in the state.

The city can also be the best choice if you want to give your child a quality education. It has one of the best schools in Utah, making it the favorite city of families.

Park City is overall a beautiful city that hooks the attention of the tourists.

If you are willing to pay high home rents, it is the best city for you to live in as you’ll never find a place like Park City in Utah.

Best Places to visit in Utah

Thanks for making it this far, I shared the nine best places to live in Utah.

All of these are perfect for you if you want to enjoy your life in an affordable manner.

Also, share with those who are planning to live in Utah.

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  1. We visited Utah (Alpine) for the first time last month and we fell in love!! We explored, there’s so much to do! We’re considering moving from So Cal.

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